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2 Way Vacuum Insulation Water Bottle Red - 520ML - Deooybear


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₨. 1,500
₨. 1,100
Material: Stainless Steel Size: 8.5CM * 20.5CM
Capacity: 520ML Color: Red
Weight: 600g Heat retaining effect: 40 degrees or more (12 hours)
Cold storage effectiveness: 15 degrees or more (12 hours) Environment protection material: 304 stainless steel + food grade silicone + PP plastic
Brand: DEOOYBEAR    
"Super clean process" that dirt and odor hardly adheres
The inner surface of the fluorocarbon coating is a fluorine coating that repels moisture well. It is difficult for the color of tea shavings and drinks to remain, and it is easy to smell.
It is okay to drink even when hot water is hot, design to provide adequate protection for children's mouth and tongue!
It is easy to open and close with push type! You can drink immediately after opening the cap with direct drinking mouth.
With a handy pouch with a strap lowered from the shoulder, a wide strap-friendly handy pouch on the shoulder is hand-wash OK!
You can enjoy two types of drinking using one push open direct drink bottle and cup just by replacing the mouth part. In addition to direct drinking which children are good at, they can also cope with cup drinking training at kindergartens and nursery schools.
Whether it is cold or hot, you can deliver delicious temperature, you can drink with a glass, you can drink directly, 2 WAY type plastic bottle.
Because it is a necessary drink every day, to a bag or desk so that you can drink anytime. Even when it is cold or hot, delivers delicious temperature Popular super lightweight compact type renewed with new color.